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Like never before, the companies need reliable technological and software solutions for training and advanced development of professional skills. This includes not only various courses and advanced training programs, but also teaching of corporate culture and corporate style skills, which is essential for the companies with a wide office network. Many companies are interested in training services for their customers, which become important wherever it is connected with supplying and maintaining complex equipment and machinery.

We offer a turnkey development of such corporate platform with its customization to the needs of a specific company.

Platform benefits:
– Installation and configuration of a standard package – free
– Capability for complete on-line automation and organization of the entire process
– Compatibility with the most common technologies for distance training and interaction
– Capability for payment services set up
– 24/7 service support
– Capability for fast development of own training programs
– A store of ready-to-use training courses
– Access to the electronic library

The full-cycle service for launching a corporate online training program is a multi-user software solution with a customizable interface. The platform is designed for online training of the personnel, development of training courses, and hosting webinars and trainings. The platforms enables to develop a complete cycle of distance learning for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large companies.

The platform is built on the basis of a state-of-the-art CRM-system with a full range of options for training process management.

The platform supports training materials in FLV video, MP4 video, MP3 recordings, SWF, and documents in PDF, DOC, XLS and PPT formats. Also, the platform incorporates an editor to create professional training courses. The system has a feature enabling to use SCORM-ready materials as well as to develop training courses in MOODLE environment.


Content and Training Programs. The system is capable of using various types of training materials (courses, webinars, trainings, marathons) as well as downloading various types of content (texts, videos, images, files, presentations).
While creating your own courses, you can use the content available from the online store.
Site Builder. The platform enables you to create a home page for your corporate university, link your domain, launch advertising and accept applications.
Sales System. You can use the built-in payment system or connect one of your own.
Mobile Application. The service supports adaptive design, which is an important feature since a significant proportion of the audience attends training courses be means of various devices, including mobile phones.
Knowledge Assessment. The testing and knowledge assessment system is fully automated. Also, it includes an option to generate a certificate of a training course completion.
Subscription and Distribution List. The platform supports a messenger and email distribution to enable interaction between the participants.

Compatible Platforms and Technologies
ZOOM, Skipe, Joomla, PHP, Moodle, WordPress

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