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Business in Switzerland

Doing Business in Switzerland

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Type: Online course
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Language: English


This course gives you a deep understanding of the conditions and benefits of doing business in Switzerland.

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading locations; regular top positions in international rankings testify to this. Its innovative and competitive companies, excellent universities, first-class experts and excellent infrastructure form a strong foundation.

The course will assess the potential and effectiveness of international projects related to the organization of business in Switzerland. The course will help you determine the organizational form and location of your company.

Skills you will learn

  • Understanding the economic conditions of doing business in Switzerland, review of the Tax system
  • Analysis of economic potential, level of production and consumption of goods and services
  • Labor market assessment
  • Definition of the organizational form, type of activity and location of your company
  • Company creation and management

About this course

The Swiss economy is one of the most liberal and competitive in the world. Low capital costs, currency stability, high purchasing power, moderate tax burden, the federal government, economic and political stability are the guarantors of the security of investments in the Swiss economy.

The Swiss exchange gives companies access to a group of international investors. Companies in need of capital will find reputable lenders willing to provide long-term loans on favorable terms. Government policy contributes to a favorable investment climate, for example, through the provision of tax incentives for venture financing. The healthy competition in the banking sector testifies to the good work of the Swiss credit market, which brings considerable benefits to companies.

Companies and individuals can start a new business quickly and easily. Foreign company founders are welcome and receive comprehensive support; every third company in Switzerland was founded by a foreigner. Thanks to freedom of trade and entrepreneurial activity, almost anyone can do business, establish a company, or acquire a share in the capital.

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