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International Business

International Business

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Type: Online course
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In this course, you will learn the skills to understand today’s economy and to succeed in today’s interconnected business world.

Learn the processes that govern the production and consumption of goods and services in a global economy: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

This course also includes the different economic systems around the globe, the essential business cycle phases, the country analysis tool, and international business strategies.

Skills you will learn

  • Understanding essential economic principles and concepts
  • Analyzing the production and consumption of goods and services
  • Evaluation of international business strategies

About this course

International management has never been as significant as it is today. Many of the world’s largest firms are truly global, and even their smaller counterparts increasingly participate in cross-border activities by subcontracting - having customers and joint venture partners collaborate with them around the globe.

The arena of international management has never offered so many opportunities and challenges to individual managers, businesses, and governments. The expansion of the global market has created a need for managers who are familiar with the problems of international trade and finance.

The trend towards a single global economy is expanding markets and providing unlimited opportunities for international managers.

For businesses, creating a long-term global strategy is a complicated but important task. As is evident throughout this course, no country is an economic island, and the economy truly is global. A growing number of businesses have become true multinational firms, with operating facilities around the world. They have figured out how to mitigate their risks both politically and economically, but they have also found how events in one nation can reverberate around the world.

As businesses contemplate and engage in global expansion, there are endless opportunities, but also potential risks. The home market is also attractive to foreign firms. For an organization to be successful in today’s global economy, its owners and stakeholders must look across borders and understand the global community.

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